Gold Medal Sports Performance Hypnosis

A New Opportunity for hypnotists. Expand your practice and discover the joy of working with athletes.

Joni Neidigh invites you to experience Sports Hypnosis. In this post-conference training you will work with  athletes and recieve immediate feedback from one of the best, and most active sports hypnotists in the business. Yes, there is didactic instructional training. In fact you will recieve an instructional manual containing all of the techniques and information from the training. However,  it is the experiencial part of the training which makes this experience unique.

If you are asking yourself “why would I want to become involved in sports hypnosis”, think of these facts. There are 700,000 NCAA athletes every year, and approximately 8 million high school students who engage in sports activities every year.  They all want the competitive edge!  The Amateur Athletic Union has 700,000 members.  70% of all children under the age of 12 participate in organized sports at some point, and all of their parents want them to excel and be the best. There is also club sports for ages 6 and up. These include 4.81 million gymnasts,15.6 million participants in baseball, and 24.8 million people a year play golf on a golf course. The point is,  this is a massive market and they are all looking for the edge that will  help them excel. There are a myriad of athletes out there just waiting for you to offer them the help they need to reach their peak performance. 

Get your complete business in a box with all the forms and scripts you will need.  Learn all the techniques and marketing skills you will need to create your own sports hypnosis business!

When you register, please e-mail me at to ensure that we have an athlete for you to work with at the conference. We want to make sure that everyone has their own athlete to work with and that there are enough materials for everyone. This requires an accurate participant count. Thanks for  your help!


Joni Neidigh LMHC Cht, Founder of Gold Medal Mental toughness



Joni is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, a Certified Hypnotist Trainer, and an international speaker. She has over 30 years of experience in working with athletes of all ages, from beginners to olympians and professionals. Joni is the author of multiple performance guides and is recognized as one of the top mindset coaches in the world. Joni  believes in creating a meaningful, personalized approach for all athletes to help them reach their peak performance. 


UNLV National Cheerleading  Champions for 3 Consecutive Years