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Expand your practice and discover the joy of working with Athletes. This  course is your business in a box. All of the skills, forms, techniques, and marketing advice you will ever need to start your successful business in sports hypnosis.  If you are asking yourself why would I want to become involved in sports hypnosis, think of these facts. There are 700,000 NCAA athletes every year, and approximately 8 million high school students who engage in sports activities every year. They all want the competitive edge!  Statistically 70% of all children under the age of 12 participate in organized sports at some point, and all of their parents want them to excel and be the best. The point is,  this is a massive market and they are all looking for the edge that will  help them excel. There are a lot of athletes out there just waiting for you to offer them the help they need to reach their peak performance. 

What Is Incuded in the Training?

A 124 page student guide which will walk you through every topic 

All of the forms you will need from first contact to completion

Instructional videos for every topic and technique

Two audio recordings for teaching purposes

Four sports hypnosis scripts which you can use or modify

Marketing Ideas specific for athletics

Five complete team talk recordings to give you ideas and help you master this skill

Two self-guided power point presentations

An invitation to join the Facebook Gold Medal Mental Toughness group

Participation in a monthly zoom question and answer session on Mental Toughness

Free updates for life


In summary, you will recieve the student guide, a total of 39 instructional videos, 2 audio presentations, 4 scripts, 2 powerpoint presentations, and 9 different forms for your use. For those who are interested, an optional certification is available which requires the completion of a test on the materials, and a nominal certification fee to add you to my websites.


Joni Neidigh is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has practiced for over 30 years and has worked with athletes from beginers to Olympians. Here are just a few of her many accomplishments. 

1. Joni is the only hypnotist to appear at Soccerex, the world’s largest Soccer Convention.

2. Joni assisted the Las Vegas Cheerleaders in winning 3 consecutive national championships.

3. Joni is an international speaker who has taught many hypnotists the importance of mental toughness in athletics. 

4. Joni was the keynote speaker for Genentech at the Donna Deagan Marathon for Breast Cancer.

5. Joni has worked with numerous college teams from Hawaii to Florida. 

6. Joni has worked with Gold Medal Olympians both within and outside of the United States. 

7. Joni has had numerous TV appearances emphasizing the importance of mental toughness for athletes. 



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